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Wednesday, NOVEMBER 6, 2019


#TrendingInTheRightDirection: A Case Study Analyzing Temple Football’s #SpringBall18 Campaign
Sarah Stokowski, University of Arkansas
Jimmy Sanderson, Texas Tech University
Elizabeth Taylor, Temple University
Alison Fridley, University of Arkansas      

Antecedents of Sport Event Attendance: A Meta-analysis
Hyunseok Song, Indiana University
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University 

Applying Employee-Based Brand Equity to Professional Sports: A Case Study of the Golden State Warriors
Mark Lasota, University of New Mexico
Luke Mao, University of New Mexico                                            

The Argument for a Comprehensive Sponsorship Congruence Instrument: A Conceptual Analysis     
Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina
Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina 

Beyond the Flutie Factor: Why Students Choose to Attend Universities Because of Athletic Success  
Farah Ishaq, State University of New York College at Cortland
Jordan Bass, University of Kansas 

The Brand Dilution Effect in Brand Networks: The Effectiveness of Multiple Endorsers Who Endorse Multiple Brands         
J. Lucy Lee, Bowling Green State University
June Won, Bowling Green State University 

BSR Surf Resort
Robert McDermand, Stephen F. Austin State University    
Jason Reese, Stephen F. Austin State University      

Celebrity Endorsement, Identity Threats, and Fans’ Responses: A Case Study of the Controversial NBA-Xukun Cai Partnership
Yong Wang, The University of New Mexico        
Lunhua Mao, The University of New Mexico                                                       

Co-Created Value Influences Resident Support through the Mediating Mechanism of Gratitude: A Conceptual Framework
Jingxian Zhang, Indiana University          
Kevin Byon, Indiana University  
Yosuke Tsuji, Rikkyo University 

Cognitive Processes in the Game Day Experience: Roles of Game-Induced and Spectator-Induced Effects
Hyun-Woo Lee, Texas A&M University  
Heetae Cho, Nanyang Technological University   
Sangchul Park, Texas A&M University    
Jun Phil Uhm, Texas A&M University 

Content Analysis of Big Ten Conference Social Media Videos and Photos 
David Pierce, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Geoffre Sherman, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis         

Corporate Social Marketing: An analysis of consumer response to Nike’s campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick 
Sarah Brown, Texas A&M University
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University 

Cryptocurrency and Collegiate Athletics: A Case Study
Jason Reese, Stephen F. Austin State University    
Robert McDermand, Stephen F. Austin State University 

Deciphering Unintentional Signaling Effects in Spectator Sport Viewership
Yang Xu, Florida State University
James Du, Florida State University           

The Dehumanization of Professional Athletes: A Multi-context Examination  
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University    
Chad Goebert, Virginia Commonwealth University   
Ben Larkin, Merrimack College                                        

Developing Relationships with Season Ticket Holders: Exploring Loyalty Program Satisfaction
Lisa Rufer, Rider University 

Does “likelihood” Translate into Employment and Longevity: An Assessment of the Sport Sales Environment?          
Mark Lyberger, Kent State University
James Kadlecek, University of Mount Union  
Larry McCarthy, Seton Hall University
Brian Yim, Kent State University

The “Double Doink” Double Whammy: Fan Reactions When an On-Field Mistake is Compounded by an Off-Field Gaffe
Matthew Zimmerman, Mississippi State University
Sarah Stokowski, University of Arkansas  
Jimmy Sanderson, Texas Tech University
Ali Fridley, University of Arkansas          
Nathan Hutchens, University of Arkansas 

Dynamic Emotional Processing of Televised Sports: Uncertainty of Outcome on Psychophysiological Arousal and Pleasure  
Minkyo Lee, East Strodusburg University
Dae Yeon Kim, University of Central Missouri
Ju Young Lee, Indiana University - Kokomo
Jaedeock Lee, East Stroudsburg University

The Effects of Quality on Satisfaction and Customer Retention: An Examination of Participant Sport
Yoseph Mamo, Louisiana State University
Brody Ruihley, Miami University
Damon Andrew, Florida State University
Christopher Greenwell, University of Louisville     

An Empirical Investigation of the Variables Influencing Contributions in NCAA Division I Athletics: A Quantitative Analysis
Kyle J. Brannigan, University of Northern Colorado         
Alan L. Morse, University of Northern Colorado 

Employer Branding in the Sport Industry: Recruiting and Retaining Sport Employees through Marketing Processes      
J. Michael Martinez, Louisiana State University

Engagement of Collegiate Athletic Programs on Instagram     
Elizabeth Ux, Southern New Hampshire University          
Kevin Snyder, Southern New Hampshire University                                                                     

eSports Consumption Typology
Wooyoung William Jang,Indiana University         
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University 

Evaluations of Relevant Out-Groups: An Initial Examination of Fandom and Rivalry in Sport and the Comic Genre
Cody T. Havard, The University of Memphis       
Megan E. Lomenick, The University of Memphis 

An Exploration of Marketing Approaches to Recruit and Retain Referees       
Lynn Ridinger, Old Dominion University 

An Exploratory Study of Social Media Content of and Use by Top Sport Brands in Foreign Countries
Chia-Chen Yu, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 

Exploring the eSports Event Experience: A Collaborative Self-Ethnography       
Henry Wear, University of Oregon          
Michael Naraine, Deakin University  

Factors Influencing Consumption of Globalized Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour: An Approach Based on the Theory of Reasoned Action                 
Euisoo Kim, University of Georgia         
James J. Zhang, University of Georgia     

Fan Engagement in Team Sports: What Role do the Individual Players Play?
Marcel Huettermann, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences          
Sara Nesina, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences 

Gendered Leadership Sport Brand Strategy and Marketing During Crises       
Zack Damon, University of Central Arkansas       
Katie Brown, Texas Tech University                                                                        

Identification in Sport and Religion: Exploring the Overlap Between Two Group Identities       
Keevan Statz, University of Massachusetts           
Elizabeth Delia, University of Massachusetts 

The Influence of Brutal Violence and its Impact on Fan Motivation in Mixed Martial Arts      
Jerry Hewitt, Troy University      
Minkil Kim, Troy University       
Woong Kwon, HanYang University        
Suk-Kyu Kim, Dongguk University         
Kwangho Park  Troy University 

The Interaction Effects Between Endorser-Brand Congruence and Endorser Authenticity on Consumer Responses   
Myungwoo Lee, University of Houston   
Dong Hun Lee, University of Houston    
Jeremy Foreman, University of Louisiana  

Let’s Have a Beer! Ethical Evaluations of Intercollegiate Athletic Departments and Beer Brands Partnerships
Lamar Reams, Old Dominion University
Terry Eddy, University of Windsor         
Zachary Evans, University of Windsor    
Sarah Gee, University of Windsor 

Leveraging Sport Organizations’ Green Initiatives: A Belief-Attitude-Intentions Hierarchy Approach  
Young Do Kim, Elon University
Changhyun Nam, Iowa State University   
Han Soo Kim, The University of Mississippi        
Ashley LaPlaca, Elon University 

Market Segmentation and Fighting in Professional Hockey    
Norm O'Reilly, University of Guelph      
Rick Burton, Syracuse University 

Media Power as a Tool for Environmental Stewardship in Sport          
Stavros Triantafyllidis, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
Oadiah Gassett, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina        
Sarah Lynch, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolisa   
Zachary Mills, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
Ian Rodgers, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina 

Measuring Leader Innovativeness: The Case of High School Athletic Directors and Digital Ticketing Adoption   
Armin Marquez, Georgia State University
Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University
Timothy Kellison, Georgia State University                                              

Moderating Effect of Self-construal on the Relationship between Fitness Engagement and Extra-role Behavior           
Tae Ho Kim, Washington State University           
Yong Jae Ko, University of Florida         
Wanyong Choi, University of North Florida 

Person-Environment Fit: Sport Management Doctoral Programs and the Organizational Environment
Kyle J. Brannigan, University of Northern Colorado
Jay Martyn, University of Northern Colorado       
Brent D. Oja, University of Northern Colorado    
Claire C. Zvosec, Northern Illinois University      
Alan L. Morse, University of Northern Colorado 

Relationship between Team Cohesiveness from the Characteristic of University Licensing Products, School Satisfaction, and Purchase Intention            
Hwan-Suk Choi, Keimyung University, S. Korea   
Hongbum Shin, Keimyung University, S. Korea   
Soonhwan Lee, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) 

Renewing Season Ticket Holders: Examining the Use of Membership and Loyalty Programs
Lisa Rufer, Rider University 

Sponsorship Engagement: Leveraging Ancillary Events to Increase Title Sponsor Awareness
Amanda Greene, East Tennessee State University
Natalie Smith, East Tennessee State University     
Charles Jones, East Tennessee State University

Sport Identity and Motives of North American Football Supporters
Thomas Cieslak, Florida International University 

Sports Spectators’ Response to CSR Activities: Examining the Role of Cause Fit        
Taegeun Kwon, Hanyang University       
Seungae Lee, Hanyang University   

Survival of Sporting Goods Stores: The Dual Functions of Online Reviews      
Luke Mao, University of New Mexico      

Tales from the Bleachers to Cinderella’s Castle: Examining Sport and Disney Fandom           
Cody T. Havard, The University of Memphis       
Daniel L. Wann, Murray State University
Rick G. Grieve, Western Kentucky University 

Tell Me You Like Me: Examining Super Bowl Commercial Likability
Matt Blaszka, Indiana State University
Patrick Walsh, Syracuse University          
Galen Clavio, Indiana University
JT Post, Indiana State University                        

Transforming into Active Spectators: Examining College Basketball Literacy for Spectatorship          
Kyungun Ryan Kim, University of Central Missouri          
Robert Slana, University of Central Missouri        
Garrick Stoker, University of Central Missouri     
Diego Arguelles, University of Texas at Austin     
Emily Sparvero, University of Texas at Austin                                    

Understanding Online Sports Consumers in Sports Team Licensed Merchandise: An Application of Flow Theory and Shopping Well-Being       

Bomin Paek, University of Northern Colorado     
Alan Morse, University of Northern Colorado
Minjung Kim, University of Mississippi   
Hoyoon Jung, University of Northern Colorado 

When Your Team Loses: Fan Attitude Toward Sponsor Advertisement          
Inje Cho, University of Florida