Founded in 2002, the Sport Marketing Association has led the effort in developing and expanding the body of knowledge in sport marketing by providing forums for professional interaction among practitioners, academics, and students dedicated to the sport marketing industry. 

What We Do

The SMA has over 350 active members, the majority of whom are university professors of sports marketing and management who conduct leading-edge research as well as educate and advise the hundreds of students who enter the sport industry each year. Our annual conference also attracts undergraduate and graduate students seeking to develop a network with industry professionals, as well as industry leaders who share experiences and provide insights that our membership can take back to their classrooms.

Our Mission

The SMA strives to develop mutually beneficial relationships among professionals, academicians, and students around the world through the invention, distribution, and implementation of sport marketing knowledge via networking, scholarly activities, and career development opportunities.

Our Vision

The SMA strives to be an organization that: 1) leads in the development and expansion of the body of knowledge in sport marketing, 2) disseminates sport marketing knowledge through internal and external distribution networks, 3) provides forums for professional interaction among academicians, practitioners, and students dedicated to the sport marketing industry, and 4) affects development of the academic discipline and the field of sport marketing.

We founded SMA based on the need for an academic organization focused exclusively on sport marketing, which is the engine that drives sport business. Since its inception, the SMA has successfully followed its mission to produce high quality research and insightful discourse that is applicable to the sports industry.
— Dr. Gregg Bennett, Professor at Texas A&M University and Founder of SMA