The SMA Research Fellow award recognizes individual scholars who have shown excellence in the area of sport marketing research, honoring the work that they have disseminated through SMA conferences and its official journal, Sport Marketing Quarterly. Click here for a list of previously awarded SMA Research Fellows.


The SMA Research Fellow designation is intended to: (a) be one of distinction within the SMA and Fellows' own academic communities, and (b) encourage high standards of research and other forms of scholarship among SMA's members.


Members qualify for SMA Research Fellow status upon achieving a specific high-level of scholarly accomplishment (see minimum criteria, below). Members who qualify will be designated as SMA Research Fellows upon providing appropriate information to the SMA Awards Committee Chair and upon Committee verification/authentication of the record, as provided.

SMA members wishing to obtain this designation must have a proven record of continuous and high-quality scholarship, minimally containing the following:

Publications. SMA Fellow nominees must have published at least seven publications in Sport Marketing Quarterly. Only peer-reviewed research papers will be considered. Case studies, book reviews, sport marketing and the law articles, and other special sections are not considered. In order to be eligible, all SMQ publications must be in print prior to the close of the nomination deadline (articles “in press” may not count toward a nominee’s total).

Presentations. SMA Fellow nominees must have at least ten refereed presentations at the Sport Marketing Association Annual Conference.

Materials Required

Fellow qualifications (listing of minimum criteria) must be submitted electronically in a single PDF document. Nominees are requested to abide by the following order when listing their qualifications:

  • List your name, rank and/or title, professional affiliation, and research areas/interests

  • List your contact information, including address, phone number, and e-mail address

  • List your SMQ publications in APA format

  • List your SMA presentations in APA format

Submission Deadline and Process

Submissions are due no later than May 24, 2019. SMA members who wish to submit credentials for verification/authentication must follow the guidelines as outlined above. Final submissions must be sent as a single PDF file via e-mail to Dr. Greg Greenhalgh at  

registry of sma research fellows

Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University
Joris Drayer, Temple University
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Daniel Funk, Temple University
Chris Greenwell, University of Louisville
Bob Heere, University of North Texas
Richard Irwin, University of Memphis
Nancy Lough, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Brenda Pitts, Georgia State University
Stephen Ross, University of Minnesota
Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina
David Stotlar, University of Northern Colorado
Galen Trail, Seattle University
Patrick Walsh, Syracuse University
James Zhang, University of Georgia