As a long-standing member of the SMA, Dr. David Stotlar has had a profound impact on the discipline through outstanding mentorship of doctoral students and professional development of burgeoning scholars. As such, the purpose of the Stotlar Award is to honor and recognize a sport marketing educator who reflects the mission of the SMA through the promotion and advancement of graduate students in the discipline.


2019 Stotlar Awardee

Dr. Beth Cianfrone
Associate Professor
Georgia State University


Award Description

This award is to honor an academician who makes exceptional contributions to sport marketing education in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Possesses an established record of mentoring graduate students

  2. Has served as an advocate to graduate students at his or her institution as well as on a national and/or international level

  3. Has demonstrated a commitment to the professional development of his or her advisees

  4. Has contributed to the growth of a graduate level sport marketing curriculum at one or more institutions


Any academic members of SMA is eligible to be nominated for the Stotlar Award. Nominees must have been a member of the SMA for a minimum of five years. 


Nominations to receive the Stotlar Award should be submitted no later than May 24, 2019. Self-nominations as well as nominations by current SMA members will be accepted until this date. In the nomination letter should evidence of the nominee's excellence in the four criteria areas listed above. 

Once nominations have been accepted, the SMA Awards Committee will notify the nominees of their consideration for the Stotlar Award and request additional materials detailing their excellence in the four areas listed above. Additional materials may include (but are not limited to): 1) a curriculum vita; 2) a written statement (not to exceed three pages) detailing the candidate’s contributions to the areas of research, teaching, service, and industry relations; 3) evidence of impact on students; and 4) up to four letters of support.

Nominees who do not receive the Stotlar Award will be considered for two (2) years after their first nomination. Past nominees will be asked by a member of the SMA Awards Committee if they wish to be considered again and, if so, will need to re-submit updated materials.


Members from the SMA Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on the criteria listed above. The committee's Chair will notify the SMA Executive Board of their recommendation no later than June 29, 2019. This selection will then be voted on by the SMA Executive Board. Upon approval, the award winner will be notified of their selection. The Stotlar Award will be formally presented to the winner at the Awards Banquet of the 2019 SMA Conference in Chicago, IL.

Questions or comments regarding the awards process can be emailed directly to SMA Member-at-Large, Dr. Greg Greenhalgh, at   

stotlar award winners

2013 - David Stotlar, University of Northern Colorado
2014-  Lynn Kahle, University of Oregon
2015 - Jeffery James, Florida State University
2016 - Chris Greenwell, University of Louisville
2017 - Nancy Lough, University of Las Vegas, Nevada
2018 - Yong Jae Ko, University of Florida
2019 - Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University

Make a Nomination

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