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2:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

Women in Sales: A Study of Mentorship and Career Progression across Professional Sport
Liz Sattler, Illinois State University
Laura Miller, California University of Pennsylvania
Lindsay Hammond, California University of Pennsylvania

Beer Sponsors and College Athletics: Fans' Perceptions of Fit, Image, and Attitudes
Lamar Reams, Old Dominion University
Terry Eddy, University of Windsor
Sarah Gee, University of Windsor

The Antidote to an Aging Audience
Lane Wakefield, Mercer University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University

Do Anthropomorphized Mascots Attract New Fans?
Yong Ko, University of Florida
Akira Asada, Texas Tech University
Daehwan Kim, University of Florida
Wonseok Jang, Texas Tech University
Yonghwan Chang, University of Minnesota


2:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

Signaling Theory and National Basketball Association Jersey Sponsorships
Jonathan Jensen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Brian Walkup, University of Tulsa
Adrien Bouchet, University of Tulsa

Market Segmentation of Women Identifying as Sport Fans
Lauren Johnson, The University of Georgia
James Zhang, The University of Georgia 

Measuring Athletic Identity in Golfers
Brian Krohn, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
David Pierce, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 

Post-Experience Information Effect on Memory of Collegiate Football Experience
Chengming Hu, Southeast Missouri State University
Shu Cole, Indiana University


3:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

Fan Identity after Relocation: An Analysis of the Fan Reaction to the Rams and the National Football League after the Organization Relocated to Los Angeles
Tyler Spencer, University of Louisville
Chris Greenwell, University of Louisville

Surviving a Legal Scandal: Does Fan Identification Affect Attitudes toward University Misconduct?
Katie Brown, Texas A&M University
Sarah Brown, Texas A&M University
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University

I Don’t Want a Sales Job! Examination of Attitudes toward Ticket Sales Persons by Sport Management Students
Seungbum Lee, University of Akron
Yongjae Kim, Kutztown University 

Fan Reaction to Sport Rebranding: The Influence of Logo Change on Brand Loyalty and the Roles of Attitude toward Re-branding and Logo Evaluation
Sungwook Son, Indiana University-Bloomington
Jin Park, Indiana University-Bloomington
Antonio Williams, Indiana University-Bloomington


3:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                         

Taken Back at the Ballgame: The Impact of Nostalgia within the Minor League Baseball Spectator Experience
Mark Slavich, Grand View University
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University 
Eric Hungenberg, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

How Major League Teams Hire Entry Level Ticket Sales Representatives: A Qualitative Analysis
Nels Popp, University of North Carolina
Michelle Harrolle, University of South Florida
Janelle Wells, University of South Florida

The Green Sponsorship Category: Brand Awareness and the Role of Personal Environmental Status on Effectiveness
Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University
Timothy Kellison, Georgia State University

Determinants of the Number of Spectators in the Major League Soccer (MLS)
Hoyoon Jung, University of Northern Colorado
Bomin Paek, University of Northern Colorado
Yoon Tae Sung, University of Northern Colorado



Sport Analytics Education for the Non-Technical User
Elizabeth Wanless, Ohio University

4:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)  

University Enhances Brand Equity through Sport Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study
Megan Gassman, Southern New Hampshire University
Doug Blais, Southern New Hampshire University
Kostas Karadakis, Southern New Hampshire University

Sport Fans’ Response to Rival Team Athlete’s Transgression: Focusing on Moral Reasoning Strategies
Jinwoo Ahn, University of Florida   
Elliot Evangelista, University of Florida       
Joon Sung Lee, University of Florida

Beach Volleyball as a Tool for Involvement with Sport and a Platform for Pro-Environmental Interventions
Stavros Triantafyllidis, The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina     
Changwook Kim, University of Florida        
Kyriaki Kaplanidou, University of Florida


4:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

With Whom do Fans Consume? A Multilevel Model of Gender Homophily in Ego Networks
Matthew Katz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Rose Marie Ward, Miami University
E. Nicole Melton, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Bob Heere, University of North Texas

To Protest or Not Protest: A Look at the Effect of Athlete Activism on Athlete Brand Image
Sarah Brown, Texas A&M University
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University

The High School Football Spectator Profile
Armin Marquez, Georgia State University
Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University
Timothy Kellison, Georgia State University

Motives and Constraints for Young People Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics: Attendance vs. Media Consumption and Host-City vs. Non-Host City
Jeeyoon Kim, Syracuse University
Haozhou Pu, University of Dayton

THURSDAY, october 25, 2018

9:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Not at That Price! A Review of Research on Consumer Response to Pricing Strategy in Sport 
Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina           
Joris Drayer, Temple University 

Do Girls Just Want to Have Fun?: Understanding Sports Consumer Behavior on Social Values
Eda Gurel-Atay, Independent Researcher       
Johnny Chen, University of Oregon  
Wang Suk Suh, University of Oregon
Lynn Kahle, University of Oregon
Dennis Sandler, Pace University 

LeBron and His Subjects: A Qualitative Investigation of the Consumer-Athlete Brand Relationship
Olzhas Taniyev, University of Kansas          
Brian Gordon, University of Kansas 

The Moderating Effects of Team ID on the Relationships among Spectator Dysfunctional Behavior, Anger, and Revisit Intention
Kyungyeol "Anthony" Kim, Indiana University-Bloomington         
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington



Building Case Studies into your Co-Curricular Program
Matt Garrett, Loras College


9:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations

Pricing of Obstacle Racing: Examining the Use of Price Tiers in Participant Sporting Events
Jason Reese, Stephen F. Austin State University

A Qualitative Exploration of Social Media Strategy in the Fitness Industry
Rebecca Achen, Illinois State University
Olivia Butts, Illinois State University            
Anna Schulz, Illinois State University 

Starting from Scratch: A Longitudinal Analysis of Consumers of a New Professional Women’s Sport Team
Henry Wear, Deakin University
Michael Naraine, Deakin University


10:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations) 

The State of Sport Sales Education
David Pierce, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Displaying Status through Conspicuous Consumption among Sport Consumers
Na Young Ahn, Texas A&M University
George B. Cunningham, Texas A&M University

The Psychological Continuum Model and the Role of Team Identification
Katherine R N Reifurth, University of South Carolina
Ryan W Kota, Florida State University
Jeffrey D James, Florida State University

An Examination of Player Quality in Major League Soccer: Comparing Amateur Player Acquisition Methods
Adam Cocco, University of Louisville
Megan Shreffler, University of Louisville



Building Trust and Relationships with Practitioners: USF and the Tampa Bay Lightning
Michelle Harrolle, University of South Florida


10:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Examining Motives of Online and Onsite eSports Spectators
Bo Yu, Texas A&M University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University

The Relationship between Gratitude and Sponsorship Effectiveness
Nishal Hariparsad, University of Pretoria
Michael Goldman, University of San Francisco/University of Pretoria

Evidence of Electrocardiograph (ECG) to Examine the Feelings of Exciting, Relaxing, or Boring when Watching Sports
Li-Shiue Gau, Asia University, Taiwan
Jui-Chuan Huang, Asia University, Taiwan


11:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Trust the Process? An Investigation of Fan Support during Periods of Tanking
Michael Mudrick, York University of Pennsylvania     
Melissa Davies, University of the Pacific
Molly Sauder, York University of Pennsylvania

Brand Outcomes of Partitioned Pricing for Sport Ventures
Ted Hayduk,Texas A&M University 
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University      

New Tool, New Motives? An Examination of Donor Motivations for Intercollegiate Athletic Crowdfunding Campaigns
Craig Morehead, Coastal Carolina University
Liz Sattler, Illinois State University  
Lisa Rufer, Rider University

The Emergence and Change in Brand Awareness for a New Team: An Industry Partnered Study
James Du, Florida State University  
Christopher McLeod, Texas Tech University
Jeffrey James, Florida State University



Enhance your Research Consulting with Data Visualization in Tableau
David Pierce, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


11:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

An Empirical Examination on Anchoring and Scarcity Framing in Secondary Ticket Markets
Wonsok Frank Jee, Temple University
Joris Drayer, Temple University

The Branding Drift in Today’s Faith-based University Athletic Departments
Laci McRee, East Texas Baptist University
Jason Lee, University of North Florida

Rise of an Athlete Brand: Factors Influencing Growth in Athletes’ Social Media Following after the NFL Draft
Yiran Su, Temple University           
Thilo Kunkel, Temple University    
Bradley Baker, Temple University    


3:30 pM (25-minute oral presentations)

Re-Post at Your Peril: You May Not Have the (Copy) Right
Steve McKelvey, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Social Media Engagement as a Metric for Ranking U.S. Olympic Athletes as Brand Endorsers
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University     
Andrea Geurin, New York University

Leveraging Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies for Organizational Growth
Thilo Kunkel, Temple University    
Alicia Jessop, Pepperdine University

A Model Examining eSports Playing Intention: Gender Difference
William Wooyoung Jang, Indiana University-Bloomington
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington
Antonio S. Williams, Indiana University-Bloomington


4:00 pM (25-minute oral presentations)

Marketing a New Stadium as a Mixed-Use, Year-Round Attraction
Glynn McGehee, Georgia State University   
Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University
Timothy Kellison, Georgia State University

Factors Influencing Major League Soccer Attendance: A Longitudinal Analysis Utilizing Generalized Estimating Equations
Jay Martyn, University of Northern Colorado   
Abdullah Zaagan, University of Northern Colorado                 
Alan Morse, University of Northern Colorado

Analyzing Consumer Preferences for Online Sport Ticket Purchases
Jason Simmons, University of Cincinnati      
Nels Popp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill   
Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina           
Chris Greenwell, University of Louisville      
Chad McEvoy, Northern Illinois University


4:30 pM (25-minute oral presentations)

Measuring Sport Fan Attitudes through the Implicit Association Test
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ben Larkin, Merrimack College
Chad Goebert, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer L. Gellock, Virginia Commonwealth University

Capturing the Sensory Brand Experience: What Makes the Brand Unique?
Bob Heere, University of North Texas
Kevin Kam Fung So, University of South Carolina
Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina

Controversial Sponsors' Influence on Intent to Purchase Sport Products
Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina
Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina
Matthew Brown, University of South Carolina

Big Data in Professional Sport: Practitioners’ Perspective
Gashaw Abeza, Southern Methodist University
Norm OReilly, Ohio University     
Yann Abdourazakou, California State University       
Peter Carton, Southern Methodist University


Teach Students How to Ideate: Using Design Thinking in the Sport Management Classroom
Melissa Davies, University of the Pacific


5:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

“Us” or “Them”? On the Outlook on Hispanic Baseball Endorsers among African Americans
Brandon Brown, New York University

A Two-Way Image Transfer between Sport Events and Sponsoring Brands
Jakeun Koo, Texas Southern University
Jun Heo, Louisiana State University

Identifying and Conceptualizing Push and Pull Factors Associated with e-Sports Spectatorship: A Qualitative Inquiry
Tyreal Yizhou Qian, University of Georgia
James Zhang, University of Georgia


9:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Comparing Motivational Profiles of Non-Student Spectators Attending High School Football Games: Special Event versus Regular Season
Armin Marquez, Georgia State University     
Beth Cianfrone, Georgia State University     
Timothy Kellison, Georgia State University 

Testing the Moderating Effect of Switching Barriers on the Relationship between Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention
Lei Ouyang, University of Northern Colorado
Alex Rondon, Metropolitan State University of Denver  
Alan Morse, University of Northern Colorado

Expansion of the Sport Consumer Behavior Model: An Investigation of Minor League Hockey Game Attendance with Motivators and Constraints
K.C. Mayer, Roanoke College         
Eric Hungenberg, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga         
Dean Hermanson, Roanoke College

Differential Effects of Event and Destination Image on Sport Tourists Attachment and Loyalty toward Destination: An Empirical Study of Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix and U.S. Grand Prix
Jingxian Cecilia Zhang, Indiana University-Bloomington
Kevin Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington
Antonio Williams, Indiana University-Bloomington       
Haiyan Huang, Shanghai University of Sport



Landing Students Jobs and Creating Active Industry Partners: How To Create a Unique Sport Marketing Academic Program
Kirk Wakefield, Baylor University


9:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Should we Let our Left Hand Know What our Right Hand is Doing? Impacts of Pre-transgression Athlete Charity on Consumer Responses to the Transgression
Joon Sung Lee, University of Florida
Kathy Babiak, University of Michigan

Why Do Runners Run? Testing a Shortened Motivation Scale
Abigail Ivaldi, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Brian Krohn, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

The Substitution Effect of International Sport over Domestic Sport
Yaeesh Moosa, University of Pretoria
Michael Goldman, University of San Francisco/University of Pretoria


10:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

An Investigation of Sport Sponsorship Antecedents and Outcomes through Levels of Sponsor Market Prominence                                                                           
Colin Cork, Western Michigan University
Terry Eddy, University of Windsor

Effects of Relative Size of Sports Fan Base on Potential Fans’ Decision-Making: Mediation Effects of Perceived Similarity to Fans
Akira Asada, Texas Tech University
Yong Jae Ko, University of Florida

Can Watching Elite Athletes Inspire Participation in a New Sport Opportunity? Exploring the Role of Event Experience and Spectator Characteristics
Georgia Teare, University of Ottawa
Luke Potwarka, University of Waterloo
Ryan Snelgrove, University of Waterloo 

Testing the Personal Values: Advertisement Values Congruence Hypothesis
Ajay Sukhdial, Oklahoma State University    
Damon Aiken, California State University Chico