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Wednesday, october 24, 2018


Branding Women’s Sports: A Literature Review
Isabell Mills, University of Indianapolis

Reputation Risk Involving Endorsers’ Scandals: The Effect on Nike’s Stock Returns, Firm Value and Performance
Jongback Kim, Dongeui University
Minyong Lee, North Carolina A&T State University
JoonYoung Han, Yeungnam University
Junyoung Cho, University of Connecticut

Understanding How Sport Fans Cope with Losses
Jeeyoon Kim, Syracuse University

Mediating Effects of Excitement and Consumer-to-Consumer Interaction in the Relationship between Sport Service Environments and Consumer Citizenship Behaviors: Case of Golf Events
Kyungyeol ‘Anthony’ Kim, Indiana University-Bloomington
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington
Woo-yeul Baek, Kyonggi University
Antonio Williams, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Dynamics of Temporal and Continuous Sensory Stimuli, Liminality, and Communitas on Team Identification: How should a New College Football Team Attract More Students?
Kyu-soo Chung, Kennesaw State University
Geumchan Hwang, Western Michigan University

Dimensions of Volunteer Satisfaction and Their Impact on Future Volunteering Behavior: The Case of Media Center Volunteers at the 2012 London Olympic Games
Minhong Kim, University of North Texas
Steven Suk-Kyu Kim, Dongguk University,South Korea
May Kim, Korea University, South Korea
James J. Zhang, University of Georgia

The Impact of Individual Motive, Service Quality and Past Behavior on Behavioral Intention
Hyunseok Song, Indiana University
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University

Advantage of the SFMGB Model for Millennial Sport Consumers: Comparative Analyses with the Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behavior, and Model of Goal-Directed Behavior Models
Brian Yim, Kent State University
Kevin Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington
James Zhang, University of Georgia
Thomas Baker, University of Georgia

Stick to Sports? A Study on Fan Perceptions of Professional Athletes Political Tweets
Charles Bell, University of Arkansas
Alison Fridley, University of Arkansas
Stephen Dittmore,University of Arkansas

Brand-consumer Personality Congruence: Aligning Ideal Self-image with Brand Attributes
Yumi Chung, Yonsei University
Jinwook Chung, Winthrop University
Woong Kwon, Hanyang University
Marshall Magnusen, Baylor University
Hyun-Woo Lee, Georgia Southern University

A Hierarchical Analysis of Sport Brand Personality Traits
Chanho Kang,University of North Alabama
Ye Hoon Lee, University of North Alabama

Using a Visual Narrative of Text and Images to Tell a Story of Fan Reactions on Social Media
Laura Wood, University of Waterloo
Ryan Snelgrove, University of Waterloo
Orland Hoeber, University of Regina
Larena Hoeber, University of Regina
Daniel Wigfield, University of Waterloo

How Sport Consumers Authenticate Teams: Global Perspectives
Don Lee, University of Houston
Inhae Park, Honam University
Leeseob Maeng, Hanyang University
Ho Yeol Yu, University of Houston
Myungwoo Lee, University of Houston

The Influence of Fantasy Sport Participation on Fans’ Perceptions of the Impact of the Legalization of Sport Wagering
Daniel Wann, Murray State University
Frederick Grieve,Western Kentucky University
Cody Havard, Memphis University
Julie Partridge, Southern Illinois University
Ted Peetz, Belmont University
Ryan Zapalac, Sam Houston State University

Studying the Impact of Ultimate Fighting Championship Fans’ Social Media Motivation and on Their Consumption Behavior: Development of a Conceptual Framework
Andrew Kim, University of Georgia
Minhong Kim, University of North Texas
James Zhang, University of Georgia

Examining Fan Community in Women’s Professional Sport: A Case Study of the Dallas Charge
Nicole Melton, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Jami Lobpries, USSSA
Matthew Katz, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Janet Fink, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

How does Corporate Social Responsibility Create Value for Customers? A Case of Professional Sport Teams
Yoseph Mamo, Louisiana State University
Kwame Agyemang, Louisiana State University                              

The Effects of Socially Responsible Initiatives by Minor League Sport Teams: Psychological Well-being of Communities
Young Do Kim, Elon University
Tony Weaver, Elon University
Carter Martin, Elon University

A Case Study of a Rehabilitation Center in South Korea as a New Site of Sport Agent for Elite Athletes with Disabilities
Junyoung Cho, University of Connecticut
Sanghyun Shin, Kyungpook National University
Joonyoung Han, Yeungnam University

A Big Data Analysis of Spectator Emotions on Social Media during the Super Bowl 50 Game
Yonghwan Chang, University of Minnesota
Ilrang Lee, Bowling Green State University
Gyujik Han, University of Minnesota

Sport Involvement, Event Prestige, and Intention to Attend Annual Spectator Events: Moderating Effects of Gender and Past Experience
Weisheng Chiu, Open University of Hong Kong
Doyeon Won, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Ho Keat Leng, Nanyang Technological University

Cookie Cutter Marketing Might Not Cut It: A Case Study on Men’s Tennis Marketing
Alison Fridley, University of Arkansas
Charles Bell, University of Arkansas
Stephen Dittmore,University of Arkansas

Determinants of Donation Intention through Athlete Fundraising
Suhan Ku, Texas A&M University
Matthew Walker, Texas A&M University

College Football Revival: Analyzing a Commuter School’s Marketing Efforts and How They Impact Key Stakeholders
Lucas Christiansen, East Tennessee State University
Amanda Greene, East Tennessee State University
Charles Jones, East Tennessee State University

Sex and News Coverage Inequity as a Barrier to Participation and Fan Identification in Female Athletics
Roger Lacson, Lexington High School
Edward Lacson, Lexington High School

Testing Child Fans’ Abilities to Exhibit Loyalty: Experimentation Using Choice Alternatives
Katherine Reifurth, University of South Carolina
Bob Heere, University of North Texas
Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina

Youth Olympic Games Event Awareness and Consumption Connections: An Assessment of Multiple International Audiences
Jeffrey Petersen, Baylor University
Lawrence Judge, Ball State University

Using Twitter to Reach Fans: How Successful is a Minor League Franchise in Turning Twitter Posts into Potential Attendees
Kyle Barker, Niagara University
Patrick Tutka, Niagara University
Cheryl Rode, Niagara University
Dylan Williams, University of Alabama                                  

Mapping Consumers’ Athlete Brand Associations using ZMET
Na Young Ahn, Texas A&M University 
Aaron J. Anderson, Texas A&M University
George B. Cunningham,Texas A&M University

“Give a Little Bit…” An Empirical Examination of Current Student Understanding of and Intention to Join a University’s Athletics Fundraising Program
Steven M. Howell, Northern Illinois University
Craig A. Morehead, Coastal Carolina University        
Jason M. Simmons, University of Cincinnati
Addison M. Pond, University of Louisville
Chad D. McEvoy, Northern Illinois University

Pedagogical Innovations: An Experiential Approach to Social Media Market Research
Matthew Garrett, Loras College
David Perricone, Centenary University

Retirement Effects on Athlete Brand Attributes and Equity
Bo Yu, Texas A&M University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University
Natasha Brison, Texas A&M University

Augmented Reality in Sport Marketing: Ready or Not?
Chad Goebert, Virginia Commonwealth University
Gregory Greenhalgh, Virginia Commonwealth University

Blockchain Technology: A Sport Marketing Exploration
Mark Lyberger, Kent State University
Larry McCarthy, Seton Hall University
Brian Yim, Kent State University    

Friday, OCTOBER 26, 2018


Ambush Marketing During the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Twitter and Instagram
Bo Li, St. Ambrose University
Olan Scott, Brock University
Nick Burton, Brock University

Are Green Venues Actually Going Green? An Examination of Environmental Social Responsibility and Marketing in Venues
Walker Ross, University of South Carolina
Haylee Mercado, University of South Carolina

The Impact of Social Media Marketing through Instagram: Influence on Brand Equity and Consumer Intention of Purchase
Min Jung Kim, University of New Mexico
Luke Lunhua Mao, University of New Mexico
Hyun-Duck Kim, Keimyung University
Sangil Lee, Sookmyung Women's University

Re-Imagining Women in Sport: A Qualitative Analysis of Female Sport Industry Professionals
Katie Lebel, Ryerson University
Cheri Bradish, Ryerson University

Don’t Mess with SFA: A Failed Attempt to Rebrand Stephen F. Austin State University
Jason Lee, University of North Florida
Laci Wallace-McRee, East Texas Baptist University

Media Convergence as Exogenous Forces: How Sport Communication Practitioners Understand Media Convergence
Seungbum Lee, University of Akron
Tang Tang, University of Akron

An Actual Sport Brand Positioning: A Content Analysis on Advertisements in Golf Digest Magazine
June Won, Bowling Green State University
J. Lucy Lee, Bowling Green State University

Searching for Like-minded Fans: What Motivates and Connects Football Fans to an Out-of-Market Football Fan Club
Zach Scola, University of Kansas
Peyton Stensland, University of Kansas
Brian Gordon, University of Kansas

An Exploratory Examination of Current HBCU Athletic Conference Branding Strategies
Geremy Cheeks, Alabama A&M University
Kenyatta Cavil, Texas Southern University
Tracy Jackson, Virginia State University

Psychophysiological and Attitudinal Responses to Crisis Situations in Professional Baseball
Jung-sup Bae, Hanyang University
Doyeon Won, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Kwang-Bong Seo, Kyungmin University

Loss of Brand Equity from Sport Trademark Dilution: Computerized Experimental Framework
Sungho Cho, Bowling Green State University
J. Lucy Lee, Bowling Green State University
June Won, Bowling Green State University
Jong Kwan Jake Lee, Bowling Green State University

Participation Intention and Public Support of Mega Sport Event: Moderating Effect of Attachment Toward Winter Olympic Games Host Region
Seok-Pyo Hong, Kangwon National University
Howon Jeong, Kyungpook National University
Sungho Cho, Bowling Green State University
Jongyeol Lee, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Out-Group Derogation in Online Forums: Examining Online Comments in Sport and Politics
Cody T. Havard, The University of Memphis
Jennifer L. Gellock, Virginia Commonwealth University

Exploring Retro Marketing in Sport: Understanding the Implementation and Effectiveness from the Standpoint of Sport Marketers
Zach Scola, University of Kansas
Brian Gordon, University of Kansas

The Impact of Culture on the Diffusion of Recreational Sports in China
Bright Frimpong, Georgia Southern University

The Impact of Media and Message Content on Social Media Engagement in Sport
Rebecca Achen, Illinois State University
Ashley Stadler Blank, University of St. Thomas
David Harman, University of St. Thomas                

Examining the Effects of Social Media on Brand Equity of the NBA
Jiyoung Park, University of Northern Colorado
Alan L. Morse, University of Northern Colorado

Conceptualizing Sense of Membership in a Sport Fan Community
Brandon Mastromartino, University of Georgia
James Zhang, University of Georgia
Steven Salaga, University of Georgia

Is the NFL in Trouble? An Investigation of the Antecedents of Football Fan Behavior towards NFL Viewership and Attendance
Mark Lasota, University of New Mexico
Lunhua Mao, University of New Mexico