Academic Program - Poster Presentations

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Friday, NOVEMBER 3, 2017


Antecedents and Consequences of Playing eSports Games     

William W. Jang, Indiana University-Bloomington
Kevin K. Byon (Advisor), Indiana University-Bloomington

The Effect of Consumer Participative Behavior on Employee Role Ambiguity and the Moderating Role of Employee Self-Efficacy: A Dyadic Analysis           

Kyungyeol Kim, Indiana University-Bloomington
Kevin K. Byon (Advisor), Indiana University-Bloomington

The Effectiveness of Infomercials in the Golf Industry in Comparison to Traditional Spot-Commercials        

Taeho Yoh, Southern Illinois University
Rammi Hazzaa, University of Northern Colorado
Incheol Jang, Southern Illinois University

The Structural Relationship of Perceived Virtual Advertising Intrusiveness to Consumers’ Attitudes and Avoidance in the Sports Events      

Hyeon Gil Jang, University of Florida
Song Hyun Cho (Advisor), Pusan National University
Yong Jae Ko (Advisor), University of Florida
Gwi Lyun An, Pusan National University

Investigating the Motivation of College Students in China and the United States to Participate in Physical Activities   

Jongyeol Yoo, University of Arkansas
Sunyoong Kim, University of Arkansas
Wonyoung Kim, Wichita State University
Stephen W, Dittmore, University of Arkansas

Brand Evangelism in Participative Sport: Do CrossFitters Fit the Mold?        

Timothy D. Campbell, Old Dominion University
Stephen Shapiro (Advisor), Old Dominion University

Barriers to College Students’ Participation in Charity Affiliated Sporting Events         

Meungguk Park, Southern Illinois University
Taeho Yoh, Southern Illinois University

Engagement in Fitness Industry: What Motives Impact Consumer Engagement        

Tae Ho Kim, Washington State University
Yong Jae Ko (Advisor), University of Florida
Brian Mills (Advisor), University of Florida

Empowerment Marketing: Targeting the Participation Motivations of Female Fantasy Football Players

Joshua M. Lupinek, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Rebecca M. Achen, Illinois State University

The Impact of Online Source Credibility on Online Sport Consumption: A Study of Seller Profile Reputation on eBay          

Geumchan Hwang, Western Michigan University
Jinhee Yoo, Gannon University

The Influence of Sport Consumption Emotions on Game and Service Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions under Winning and Losing Situation: Moderating Effect of Team Identification

Brian H. Yim, Kent State University
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University-Bloomington

Exploring Differences in NBA Fans’ Motivation Following Sport Organizations on Twitter and Weibo        

Bo Li, St. Ambrose University
Steve Dittmore, University of Arkansas
Wenjuo Lo, University of Arkansas
Olan Scott, University of Canberra
Sarah Stokowski, University of Arkansas

Pricing and Consumer Perceptions of a Non-Profit Bike Ride

Jason D. Reese, Stephen F. Austin State University

How to Utilize AR Devices for Sports Spectators: The Mediating Roles of Immersion and Perceived Usefulness      

Oh Jung Heui, Yonsei University
Kim Han Soo, Yonsei University
Cho Kwang Min, Yonsei University

The Effects of Crisis Situation with Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games on Olympic Expectancy and Supportive Intentions

Jung Min Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
Yong Jun An, Sungkyunkwan University
Taehee Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
Kyungro Chang (Adsvisor), Sungkyunkwan University

The Relationship Between Regional Identification and Collegiate Athletic Apparel Brand Preference

C. Clifton Eason, Samford University
Nathan Kirkpatrick, Samford University
Joseph Pederson, Samford University

An Examination of the Constraints to Athletic Alumni Giving

Nathan Skuza, Eastern Washington University
Ken Halpin, Winthrop University

An Analysis on the Spectators Benefits for ICT Convergence Technology Services of Professional Sports Team: Using Contingent Valuation Method           

Jaehyuk Cha, Sungkyunkwan University
Youngjun Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
Jisun Park, Sungkyunkwan University
Taehee Kim (Advisor), Sungkyunkwan University

Exploring the Relationship of Social Media to the Brand Personality of the NBA       

Jiyoung Park, University of Northern Colorado
Alan. L. Morse (Advisor), University of Northern Colorado

The Importance and Use of Digital Archives to Examine Sport Marketing History    

Dylan Williams, University of Alabama
Patrick Tutka, Niagara University

Predicting Attendance in Minor League Baseball: An Exploration of Promotions, Timing, and Weather for the Carolina and Midwest Leagues        

Steven M. Howell, Northern Illinois University
Addison M. Pond, Northern Illinois University

A Conceptual Framework of Emotional Labor in Participant Sport Service     

Ye Hoon Lee, University of North Alabama

Exploring Attitude, Perception and Behavior Control towards Yoga Practice  

Doris Lu-Anderson, San Diego University for Integrative Studies
John Bae, William Paterson University
Brenda Pitts, Georgia State University
Kyoung Tae Kim, Kean University

A Factor Analysis of Personality Traits Both Applicable and Relevant to Sport Brands

Chanho Kang, University of North Alabama

Managing “Social Media Shaming” to Enhance Professional Sports Clubs’ Reputation toward Fans with Disabilities           

Juan Luis Paramio-Salcines, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
John Grady, University of South Carolina
Paul James Kitchin, Ulster University

Examining the Relationship between Integration in a Sport Brand Community (IBC) and Sport-based Brand Equity

Brian Gordon, University of Kansas
Olzhas Taniyev, University of Kansas
Zach Scola, University of Kansas

The Fathering Effect: The Effects of Physical and Perceived Father Involvement on Children’s Long-Term Team Identification      

Katherine R.N. Reifurth, University of South Carolina
Khalid Ballouli (Advisor), University of South Carolina
Bob Heere (Advisor), University of South Carolina

A Conceptual Framework for Retro Marketing in Sport: The Five Practical Areas      

Zach Scola, University of Kansas
Olzhas Taniyev, University of Kansas
Brian Gordon (Advisor), University of Kansas

I want to vs. I can’t: Negotiation of Motives and Constraints in Younger Generations Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics and Playing Winter Sports           

Jeeyoon Kim, Syracuse University

The ‘Vote of Confidence’ and English Premier League Managers: Media Impact and Performance Outcomes

James J. Harwood, Florida State University
Charles E. Reid III, Florida State University
Jeffrey James (Advisor), Florida State University
Amy Kim (Advisor), Florida State University

Time Series Analysis of Ticket Sales Revenue from Outsourcing Model in Intercollegiate Sport

Seungbum Lee, University of Akron
Yongjae Kim, Kutztown University
Eric Brownlee, Gannon University

Are Interruptive Commercials Good or Bad?: The Role of Psychological Adaptation in Sports Media Consumption  

Daehwan Kim, University of Florida
Yong Jae Ko (Advisor), University of Florida
Joon Sung Lee (Advisor), University of Florida

Trust Me? Relationship Management and Dissolution in Athlete Endorsements        

Nicholas Burton, Brock University
Samantha Roberts, Texas A&M University-Commerce

My Team is MY Team! Exploring the Role of Psychological Ownership in Fan Governance

Ovidiu Cocieru, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elizabeth Delia (Advisor), University of Massachusetts Amherst
Matthew Katz (Advisor), University of Massachusetts Amherst

We’ll Sue the Stripes off You: An Adidas Case Study   

Katie M. Brown, Texas A&M University
Natasha T. Brison, Texas A&M University
Paul J. Batista, Texas A&M University

Impact of Negative Media Stories on Fan Perceptions and Behavior Toward Rival Teams     

Cody T. Havard, The University of Memphis
Terry Eddy, University of Arkansas

Authenticity and Engagement as a Marketing Tool to Attract Tourists to Destinations for Regular Season Sport Events       

Eric C Schwarz, Victoria University
Aurelie Pankowiak, Victoria University
Darren Walls, SportsHosts

The Influence of Controversial Sponsorships on Sport Teams

Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina
Walker J. Ross, University of South Carolina
Matthew Brown, University of South Carolina

The Role of Identity and Self-sacrificial Leaders on Social Capital in Youth Sport Organizations

Dorothy Collins, University of South Carolina
Bob Heere (Advisor), University of South Carolina

The Impact of Sport Media Consumption on Psychological Energy and Sponsors’ Ad Effectiveness

Daehwan Kim, University of Florida
Yong Jae Ko (Advisor), University of Florida
Joon Sung Lee (Advisor), University of Florida

Development of a Stadium Stimuli and Local Image Fit Scale

Yongjin Hwang, University of South Carolina
Khalid Ballouli (Advisor), University of South Carolina

Investigating Team Sponsored Cause Marketing: The Role of Team Identification and Success on Prosocial Behavioral Intentions Among College Sport Fans   

Ronald Christian, Baker University
Zach Wilkerson, University of Kansas
Brian Gordon (Advisor), University of Kansas

Examining Sport Marketing’s Position in Sport Communication/Media Academic Programs

Edward (Ted) M. Kian, Oklahoma State University

A Policy Analysis of the Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016          

James T. Reese Jr., American Public University System

Promoting Socially Responsible Sporting Events Organized by Students: A Comparison of Wellness U Multisport Festival and the Generation Games           

Peter Smolianov, Salem State University
Katharine Bloom, Salem State University
Steven Dion, Salem State University
Christopher Schoen, Salem State University
Stuart McMahon, Salem State University
Elizabeth Moseley, Salem State University
Christina O’Connor, Salem State University
James Forina, Salem State University
Nicholas Stone, Salem State University
Chad Alibozek, Salem State University
Brett Bodzinski, Salem State University
Aaron Loredo‎, Salem State University
Alanis Tirabassi, Salem State University
Nicholas Salamida, Salem State University
Frans van Gameren, Rotterdam University
Laura Kock, Rotterdam University
Ida Nipius, Rotterdam University
Dick Vierling, Rotterdam University 

The Effectiveness of Anthropomorphized Mascots in Sport Team Branding  

Yong Jae Ko, University of Florida
Wonseok (Eric) Jang, Texas Tech University
Yonghwan Chang, University of Minnesota
Akira Asada, University of Florida

Connecting Sponsors to Fans: Assessing Effectiveness of Sport Sponsorships at Historically Black Colleges and Universities         

Kelly Elliott, Georgia State University
Beth A. Cianfrone (Advisor), Georgia State University
Timothy B. Kellison (Advisor), Georgia State University

We the North: A Longitudinal Examination of the Millennial Sport Consumer        

Cheri L. Bradish, Ryerson University
Nick Burton, Brock University