Academic Program - Oral Presentations

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2:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                                            

The National Sport Network in 2017: Changing Environment and Drivers of Ratings

Norm O’Reilly, Ohio University
Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina                                                                                                                   

What is a Star? Star Power and Demand for Professional Sport

Timothy D. DeSchriver, University of Delaware
Stephen L. Shapiro, Old Dominion University
Daniel A. Rascher, University of San Francisco                                                                                                                     

A Profile of the Green Sports Fan

Timothy B. Kellison, Georgia State University
Beth A. Cianfrone, Georgia State University                                                                                           

The Significance of Sponsorship as a Tool of Market Penetration in a Competitive Environment

Yiran Su, Temple University
Thilo Kunkel (Advisor), Temple University


2:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

A Fan’s Search for Meaning: Testing the Dimensionality of Sport Fan Superstition

Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mark Slavich, Virgina Commonwealth University

The Impact of Parasocial Interaction in Entertainment-focused Sports Television Programs

Hansoo Kim, Yonsei University
Jung-sup Bae, Yonsei University
Doyeon Won (Advisor), Liverpool John Moores University
Weisheng Chiu (Advisor), Keimyung University
Kwang-bong Seo (Advisor), Kyungmin University

Local Social Media, International Sport Coverage: Media Type and Content Orientations of Sports in Foreign Countries

Chia-Chen Yu, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Environmental Impact of Spectators Transportation in Collegiate Sporting Events: On-campus vs. Off-campus Stadium

Stavros Triantafyllidis, University of Florida
Robert Ries, University of Florida
Kyriaki Kaplanidou (Advisor), University of Florida 


3:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                                                 

An Examination of Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Spectators’ Event Experience: A Market Segmentation Analysis

Eric Hungenberg, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Kurt Mayer, Jr., Roanoke College

Click Here to Donate: An Examination of Online Crowdfunding Campaigns by Division I Intercollegiate Athletics Departments

Liz Sattler, St. Ambrose University
Craig Morehead, Northern Illinois University
Nels Popp, University of North Carolina
Chad McEvoy, Northern Illinois University

Rivalry Influences on Fan Engagement within Twitter: A Case Study of Manchester United

Michelle G. Harrolle, University of South Florida
Janelle E. Wells, University of South Florida
Hao Xin Li, University of South Florida
James Chaudry, University of South Florida

Sentiment Analysis from Open-Ended Survey Data

Bradley J. Baker, Temple University
Daniel C. Funk (Advisor), Temple University


3:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                         

Can Facebook Interaction Encourage Physical Activity, Improve Relationship Quality, and Increase Membership Tenure and Renewals? A Structural Equation Modeling Approach                                                                                                        

Rebecca M. Achen, Illinois State University

Changing a League Structure: Marketing Implications for Rugby League Clubs in the UK

Kacy Mackreth, Leeds Beckett University
Alexander Bond, Leeds Beckett University
Lisa O’Keeffe, Leeds Beckett University

Measuring Team Brand Association Networks with Textual Analysis Software

Patrick Walsh, Syracuse University
Galen Clavio, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Role of Ethnicity in Examining the Relationship between Sport Involvement and Consumption Behaviors: From an Acculturation Perspective

Ryan Kota, Florida State University
James Du, Florida State University


4:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                         

Athlete Branding via Social Media: An Examination of the Content that Drives Fan Engagement on Instagram                                                       

Thilo Kunkel, Temple University
Jason Patrick Doyle, Griffith University
Brandi Johnson, Temple University

Who Doesn’t Like Sport? A Taxonomy of Non-fans of Professional Sport

Heath McDonald, Swinburne University
Daniel C. Funk, Temple University

The Madness of it all: Examining the Brand Personality of the Official Sponsors of the NCAA during March Madness

Matthew Blaszka, Indiana State University
Windy Dees, University of Miami
Patrick Walsh, Syracuse University
Chad Witkemper, Indiana State University

Differences Between Early and Late Individual Game Buyers in Division I College Football 

James Weiner, University of Louisville
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Carrie LeCrom, Virginia Commonwealth University
T. Christopher Greenwell (Advisor), University of Louisville


4:30 PM (25-minute oral presentations)

Using Conjoint Analysis to Examine Constraints to Student Attendance at College Football Games                                                                                                                                     

Jason M. Simmons, University of Cincinnati
T. Christopher Greenwell, University of Louisville
Nels Popp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Riding out the Storm: Analyzing MS 150 Participant Behavior in the Wake of a Natural Disaster                                                          

Elizabeth A. Gregg, University of North Florida
David A. Pierce, Indiana University-Purdue University
Jason W. Lee, University of North Florida
Andrea L. Buenano, University of North Florida

Team Fighting: Fan Identification and Viewership Intentions of a Violent Niche Sport

Lamar Reams, Old Dominion University
Stephen L. Shapiro, Old Dominion University

Determinants of Advertising Activities for Sport, Entertainment, and Leisure (SEL) Firms

T.M. Hayduk III, Texas A&M University
Matthew Walker, Texas A&M University


5:00 PM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                  

Does High ID mean Hostility? Comparing Behavioral Responses of Collective Narcissists and Highly Identified Fans                                    

Ben Larkin, Merrimack College
Janet S. Fink, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Behavioural Intentions Toward a Sport Sponsor: Evidence from New Zealand

Javeed Ali, Auckland University of Technology
Michael Naylor, Auckland University of Technology
Geoff Dickson, Auckland University of Technology
David Hedlund, St. John’s University
Rui Biscaia, Coventry University 

Goal Achievement and Dishonesty

Moonsup Hyun, Temple University
Jeremy S. Jordan (Advisor), Temple University

LEEDing the Way to Revenue: Examining Fans’ Willingness to Support “Green” Initiatives

Joris Drayer, Temple University
Thilo Kunkel, Temple University
Gregory P. Greenhalgh, Virginia Commonwealth University


8:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Rivalry Perceptions and their Impact on Attendance and Viewership: Evidence from the National Hockey League

Alex Traugutt, University of Northern Colorado
Gregory P. Greenhalgh, Virginia Commonwealth University
Cody T. Havard, University of Memphis

High School Athletic Events: Factors Affecting Attendance of Non-Students

Armin A. Marquez, Georgia State University
Beth A. Cianfrone, Georgia State University (Advisor)
Timothy B. Kellison, Georgia State University (Advisor)

Fan Identification with Professional Teams in a Multi-team Market

Mark R. Lyberger, Kent State University
Larry M. McCarthy, Seton Hall University
Brian H. Yim, Kent State University


9:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

From the Sidelines to the Course: An Analysis of Running Event Spectators’ Motivation to Participate                                                                                                                                                      

Thomas J. Aicher, University of Cincinnati
Jason M. Simmons, University of Cincinnati

Effects of Team Identification on Word-of-Mouth Effectiveness in Different Fan Bases: A Mediation Effect of Prototypicality                                                                                                                 

Akira Asada, University of Florida
Yong Jae Ko, University of Florida

Athlete Branding: Using Strategic Philanthropy to Build Brand Image

Sangwon Na, Temple University
Thilo Kunkel (Advisor), Temple University
Jason Doyle (Advisor), Griffith University


9:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                                                

No More P’s Please: Toward a Modern Sport Marketing Mix

Steve Ross, Concordia University Saint Paul
Elizabeth Delia, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Digital Technology and Social Networking as a Catalyst for the Globalisation of Sport

Eric C Schwarz, Victoria University
Aurelie Pankowiak, Victoria University

Differing Motives for Sports Consumption

Sasu Tuominen, University of Eastern Finland
Tommi Laukkanen, University of Eastern Finland
Saku Hirvonen, University of Eastern Finland

Development of a Stadium Stimuli and Local Image Fit Scale

Yongjin Hwang, University of South Carolina
Khalid Ballouli (Advisor), University of South Carolina


10:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations) 

It’s Not What You Tweet but How You Tweet It

Joseph A. Pederson, Samford University
Gregg Bennett, Texas A&M University
Brandon Brown, New York University

Visual Mapping of Fan Associations: BIRFers and CORSers

Don Lee, University of Houston
Myungwoo Lee, University of Houston
Ho Yeol Yu, University of Houston
Michael Cottingham, University of Houston

Accounting for Rivalry in Estimations of Demand in MLS and the NHL

Craig A. Morehead, Northern Illinois University
Joe B. Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University
Timothy D. DeSchriver, University of Delaware
B. David Tyler, Western Carolina University

A Foundational Examination of Fans’ Attitudes towards Tanking and the Values-Based Connections that Lie Beneath Them

Ajay Sukhdial, Oklahoma State University
Damon Aiken, Chico State University
Richard Campbell, Sonoma State University
Aubrey Kent, Temple University


10:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Predicting Fan Behavior: Expanding the Network Approach

Matthew Katz. University of Massachusetts Amherst
Bob Heere, University of South Carolina

The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Authenticity on Consumer Behavioral Intentions toward a Sport Organization

Soyoung Joo, Siena College
Janet S. Fink, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elizabeth G. Miller, University of Massachusetts Amherst

An Examination of Motivational Factors of Violent Sports Fans: An Influence of Aggressive Motivations on Sport Fandom  

Sin-Wook Yoo, University of Louisville
T. Christopher Greenwell (Advisor), University of Louisville

Rule 40 and Athletes’ Social Media Use During the 2016 Rio Olympics

Andrea N. Geurin, New York University
Erin L. McNary, University of Miami


11:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                                                

The “Social” Evolution of Olympic Legal and Brand Protection

John Grady, University of South Carolina
Anthony Carson, University of South Carolina
Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina

Private Consumption Benefits Based on Level of Involvement: College Basketball Game Experience

Anthony W. Dixon, Troy University
Gi-Young Koo, Troy University
Danielle D’Acry, Troy University
Jennifer Stoll, Troy University

Destined for Sales or Service? The Career Progression and Sorting of Managers across Sport Sales Departments

Laura Miller, California University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Sattler, St. Ambrose University
Lindsay Hammond, California University of Pennsylvania          

Celebrity Endorsement and Reverse Image Transfer

Michael M. Goldman, University of San Francisco
Kensi Nobanda, University of Pretoria
Samantha Swanepoel, University of Pretoria


11:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Environmentalist and Non-Environmentalist Attitudes Toward an NFL Team’s Sustainability Initiatives

Timothy B. Kellison, Georgia State University
Beth A. Cianfrone, Georgia State University

Loyalty Program Effectiveness: An Examination of Niche and Mainstream Basketball Teams  

Lisa Rufer, Rider University
Brendan Dwyer (Advisor), Virginia Commonwealth University

From BIRFing to BIRGing: A 10-year Study of the Psychology of Fans of the Chicago Cubs

Jonathan A. Jensen, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Cori Coleman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Matt Stitsinger, Indiana University-Bloomington
T. Christopher Greenwell, University of Louisville
Damon Andrew, Louisiana State University

Connection to a Sport Service: Daily Fantasy Sport and its Role in Sport Consumer Behavior

Ryan Kota, Florida State University
Jeffrey James (Advisor), Florida State University


9:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)

Does Sport Involvement Influence Support for Olympic Games? An Approach from a Sport Involvement Perspective

Changwook Kim, University of Florida
Kyriaki Kaplanidou (Advisor), University of Florida

A New Approach via Level of Addiction in eSports: Investigating Participation Motives from a Marketing Perspective 

Chulhwan Choi, University of Louisville
Sin-Wook Yoo, University of Louisville
T. Christopher Greenwell (Advisor), University of Louisville


9:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                   

The NCAA Stepped Out of Bounds: Coping with Team Identity Threat

Elizabeth B. Delia, University of Massachusetts Amherst

An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Consumer Price Sensitivity for the Fitness and Health Club Industry

Lei Ouyang, University of Northern Colorado
Dianna Gray (Advisor), University of Northern Colorado

Sparks to the Rivalry Fire: Comparing the Antecedents to Rivalry Across Professional Sports 

Yasmine Xantos, Northern Kentucky University
Mackenzie Laumann, Northern Kentucky University
Shanda Harris, Northern Kentucky University
Joe B. Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University
B. David Tyler, Western Carolina University


10:00 AM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                                                  

Social Media Customer Engagement in Major League Soccer: A Case Study of Expansion Franchises                                                                                                              

Charles E. Reid III, Florida State University
Amy Chan Hyung Kim (Advisor), Florida State University

Sequential Effect of Sport Experiences on Brand Attitude and Choice Behavior

Yongjae Kim, Kutztown University
Seungbum Lee, University of Akron

Adopt an Anthropological Approach to Examine an Online Latent Content: A Case of Major League Sport Teams’ Use of Social Media

Gashaw Abeza, University of Ottawa
Norm O’Reilly, Ohio University
Benoit Seguin, University of Ottawa


10:30 AM (25-minute oral presentations)                                                                                                                               

A Contemporary Functional Form for NCAA Division I FBS Contributions: Internal and External Considerations

Elizabeth A. Wanless, Ball State University
Jeffrey L. Stinson, Central Washington University

Examining the Factors Influencing Organizational Creativity in Professional Sport Organizations 

Natalie L. Smith, East Tennessee State University
B. Christine Green, University of Illinois

Building Community Value: Minor League Sport Teams as Sustainable Assets in Rural Communities

Young Do Kim, Elon University
Tony Weaver, Elon University
Mark Cryan, Elon University
Kyle Sarazin, Elon University