The Sport Marketing Association invites you to bring your energy and enthusiasm to the SMA conference in Chicago—announcing the 2019 ‘Ignite’ Presentations. Ignite presentations are an additional opportunity for SMA conference attendees to present and discuss their research in an entertaining and dynamic format. Ignite presentations give SMA attendees an alternative format to discuss topics not suitable for a traditional 25-minute presentation.  In addition, the SMA Ignite presentations are a competition whereby YOU could be the winner!



Authors should be mindful of the following key dates when preparing and submitting their abstracts (please note that official submissions are effective as of this announcement provided authors abide by the guidelines provided):

  1. Submission Deadline: Friday, October 4, 2019 (11:59 PM EST)

  2. Session Date: Friday, November 8 (10:30-11:45 AM) 

What is an Ignite TALK?

Ignite talks are completely different from traditional conference talks. We’re looking for humor, wit, inspiration, and most of all energy to be packed into one powerful five-minute talk. Specifically, it is a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation that automatically advances every 15 seconds. If you haven’t seen an ignite presentation before, you can search “ignite talks” and watch some of the thousands of talks out there or check out these links for a quick tutorial:

What to talk about? 

While topics for ignite presentations can range, the purpose of the Ignite Session is to network and generate discussion. Therefore, topics could include one of the following:

  • A call for more research in a particular area (practical or theoretical)

  • Discussion of on-going, proposed, or unfinished research

  • Conceptual or theoretical questions

  • Challenges / issues in the field or for the field

  • Pedagogy ideas 

  • One could even create a streamlined, more practical version of one’s traditional presentation


Submit your your Ignite Talk description in the following format:

  • Name (Institutional Affiliation)

  • Presentation Title

  • 150-word maximum description of your proposed Ignite Talk

Submit an abstract (150-word max) on your proposed Ignite Talk to by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, October 4, 2019. The abstracts will be subject to double-blind review and evaluated based on these criteria: (1) originality, (2) relevance to SMA attendees, and (3) potential importance for the field. If you have questions about anything regarding the process, please send an email to Dr. Brendan Dwyer, Ignite Session Coordinator, at the email above.


Last year, we received 14 abstracts and ten individuals presented. Jen Gellock from VCU was won the Best Ignite Presentation Award. Previous winners include Melissa Davies from Ohio University, Bradley Baker from Temple University, Kevin Filo from Griffith University, Clinton Warren from Illinois State University, and Thilo Kunkel from Temple University.