Each year, SMA hosts its annual “Presidents Luncheon,” which honors a sport marketing professional who has in many ways become a recognized leader in the field. The Presidents Speaker is personally invited by the President of SMA and, as such, is one of the SMA's time honored and prestigious awards. Past Presidents Speakers include some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals.


2018 Presidents Speaker

Rich Luker, PhD
Founder, Luker on Trends

Dr. Rich Luker, a social psychologist, has been studying American life for more than 25 years. He is perhaps best known for his creation of the ESPN Sports Poll in 1994, the first ongoing intelligence tool for the American sports industry. His study of American community resulted in his book titled "Simple Community", which was published in 2009. For the last 25 years, his consultancy Luker on Trends has been devoted to collecting the data needed to track free time activity with an emphasis on sports. To this end, Luker on Trends works with clients on individual strategies related to customer and fan base development. Luker on Trends provides the executive education on free time activity needed to understand and thrive in the online age. Luker's expertise extends throughout the entire research process: working with clients on understanding their issues, designing survey instruments, analyzing data, and developing strategies based on our intelligence.

Dr. Luker earned his Master's and PhD at the University of Michigan and The Institute for Social Research. He has remained academically active with different institutions, including Northwestern University, the University of Oregon, the University of Michigan, and others.