Call for Chapter Proposals and Symposium Participation


Contribute a chapter to the anthology “Digital Marketing: Concept, Theory, and Practice”to be published by Libri Publishing Limited. Then join fellow authors at the symposium in Ann Arbor, Michigan to review, edit, and complete the chapters, and to finalize the anthology for publication.

We now live in a digital world. Indeed, there are more than 3 billion people connected to the internet. For every 100 people on the planet, there are 96 mobile telephone subscriptions. And more and more of our everyday objects—toys, cars, even kettles—have created an ‘internet of things’.

It is no surprise, therefore, that companies are eager to harness this digital world. Marketers, in particular, hope that so-called digital marketing will allow them to gain new customer insights, refine customer segmentation, and communicate to customers more efficiently and effectively. They anticipate that the digital world will offer possibilities for new product innovation, new methods for engaging customers, new vehicles for creating brand communities.

Despite the pervasiveness of the digital world, however, digital marketing is seemingly still in its infancy. To begin, what exactly is digital marketing? Indeed, the term is bandied about, but its meaning—its scope, outline, boundary, and limits—is far from concise. Second, digital marketing is still very atheoretical. To date, it has largely been based on assumptions, guesswork, and conjecture. And third, digital marketing is conducted ad hoc, with few (if any) standardised policies, practices, or procedures.

For this anthology, therefore, the editors seek chapters which explore digital marketing. They welcome chapters from practitioners and scholars alike, and which follow any methodological tradition. Specifically, the editors will be guided by the three broad but interrelated themes which were identified above:

1. Conceptual: What is digital marketing? Are there different types? How is it situated within marketing more broadly? Answering these types of questions will sharpen the definition of digital marketing. Proposals will be evaluated, therefore, on their contribution to our understanding of the nature of digital marketing.

2. Theoretical: How does digital marketing work? What are its effects? Can it be controlled? Answering these types of questions will raise the significance of digital marketing. Proposals will be evaluated, therefore, on their contribution to our understanding of the mechanisms of digital marketing.

3. Practical: How is digital marketing conducted? What are its different channels? In which contexts does it work? Answering these types of questions will increase the application of digital marketing. Proposals will be evaluated, therefore, on their contribution to our understanding of the function of digital marketing.

Submit your chapter proposal (maximum 2 000 words) to<> on or before 3 April 2016. Please note that you may only be an author/co-author on one chapter proposal.

3 April 2016: Deadline for submitting your chapter proposal for this anthology (max 2000 words)
24 April 2016: Notification to authors of accepted chapter proposals
7 August 2016: Deadline for submitting your chapter for the anthology
28 August 2016: Notification to authors of accepted chapters
04 September 2016: Registration & payment
11 September 2016: Chapters sent to other authors for peer feedback
19-23 October 2016: Symposium Ann Arbor, Michigan
Winter 2017: Publication of anthology

This is a residential symposium. A minimum of one author of each chapter must attend the symposium for its entire duration.

Contact John Branch:

SMA XIII Conference Updates

Greetings from SMA!

Hoping that September and the Fall semester is off to a great start for you. 

Preparation for SMA XIII has gone extremely well and it looks like University of Georgia conference host Dr. James Zhang and the SMA Executive Board will deliver one of the most memorable SMA conferences ever! The line-up is highlighted by a number of exciting and interesting features including:

  • The Aspire Group Undergraduate Student Case Study Bowl
  • The second annual Major League Soccer National Sales Center Ignite Presentations
  • Terrific networking opportunities at receptions including Thursday night's event at the stunning College Football Hall of Fame  
  • Keynote presentations from well respected sport industry professionals including Dr. Bernie Mullin, CEO, The Aspire Group, Presidents Luncheon Keynote Lisa Murray, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Octagon Worldwide, Inc. and the soon to be announced Bill Veeck Keynote Address speaker
  • An outstanding academic program featuring research presentations about the latest developments and trends in the sport industry
  • Super panels consisting of industry and academic representatives

Stay tuned for more information regarding industry panelists, SMA award winners, and keynote speakers as we approach closer to this year's conference. We look forward to your participation in SMA XIII!

See you in Atlanta!

-SMA Board

Call for Papers for Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation Book to be Published by Routledge

Potential authors are encouraged to submit an abstract  for an edited research book about the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the sports context. The book will include international authors focusing on topics such as roles of entrepreneurial marketing in sport, how technological innovation has changed the way sport is played and viewed, the globalization of sport as a product and service, the new types of sports that have emerged, athlete entrepreneurs and their related business endeavors and how sport influences innovation in other industries. Potential authors are encouraged to submit an abstract on any of the below topics that have a focus on sport entrepreneurship and innovation:

  • Sport entrepreneurship, sport innovation, sport marketing
  • Risk taking in sport, new business development in the sports context
  • Sport franchises, fantasy sport
  • Innovations in sport clothing, technology and products
  • Emerging sports such as adventure and extreme sports, internationalization of sports
  • Sport public/private partnerships, sports financing
  • Sports broadcasting, media, sport education

Please email abstracts to Vanessa Ratten ( or Joao Ferreira (

Call for Papers for the Sports Marketing Special Session at the 2016 AMA Winter Educators' Conference being held in Las Vegas on February 26-28, 2016.

The Sport & Special Event Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Marketing Association (AMA) is soliciting short research abstracts for inclusion in a SIG special session proposal for presentation at the AMA Winter Educators Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 26-28, 2016. Abstracts should be limited to 500 words in length and be on any topic related to research or education in sports marketing (abstracts related to the conference theme of “What Happens in Marketing, Stays Digital: Rethinking Marketing for Success in the Era of Unlimited Data“ are especially encouraged). The deadline for submission to be considered as part of the special session proposal is June 30, 2015. The best composition of submitted abstracts will be compiled into the special session proposal and authors will be notified within 30 days of submission of their inclusion or not in the proposal. To submit your abstract or with questions, please contact Darin White ( 

New SMA Board Members Elected

On behalf of the SMA Executive Board, thank you to everyone for your participation in the recent SMA elections. We appreciate your involvement nominating candidates, running for an office, and voting for nominees. SMA is only as strong as the membership and there was terrific participation in this election. Please join us in congratulating our two new Executive Board members, Chad McEvoy (President-Elect) from Syracuse University and Nels Popp (Member-at-Large) from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. We would also like to congratulate Khalid Ballouli from the University of South Carolina for being re-elected for a second term as the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

New Website Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website! The new website is now live, and it will be accessible to receive the latest information regarding the 2014 SMA Conference to be held next week in Philadelphia, PA. You can find the new website at our NEW domain extension In conjunction with the new SMA website, we have created a new SMA logo and adopted a new color scheme for the SMA. Together, we hope to provide a fresh new look of our growing organization. 

Our focus with this redesign was to build a site that is easy to use and packed with rich content and resources to assist SMA members. We have reorganized the website to feature more prominently our annual conference, official journal, job postings, partners, and much more. Also featured on the new site are better search optimization features and website analytics, which will allow us to promote our membership and our partners more efficiently.

Visit our new website often, as it will be regularly updated with news and information related to the academic discipline and industry practice of sport marketing. As well, please make sure and join the SMA for free subscriptions to the Sport Marketing Quarterly and discounts to the SMA conference. 

We encourage you to take a few moments to look around and let us know what you think!